The Crucible Is Coming!

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The Crucible is F3 Spring Hill’s big CSAUP (Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless) event.  This is our version of a Spartan style event, that consists of running through town and stopping at various “pain stations” along the way for quick 10-15 minute workouts. This year’s event is expected to be 12-15 miles, last around 4 hours (for […]

The Triumphant Return Of Ron Swanson – 5.30.2020

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PAX @Lone Star @Operation @Heidi @ragdoll @Pancreas @Cosmo @Snooki @SanctionsQ: Ron Swanson Warmorama10 Willy Mays Hayes10 slow and low squats10 good mornings100 SSH during which @Heidi mentioned his love for SSH especially at high reps75 Overhead pressesIndian run style lunge/bear crawl to pavilion ThangAMRAP 20 Mins5 reps then adding 5 with each set up to 25, then […]

Party at the Royale – 5.29.2020

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Special Black Ops Friday pop-up AO PAX: @Tiny Dancer @Heidi @Doggy DooQiC: @Lone Star Warm Up:25 Side Straddle Hops10 Abe VigodasEnough of that time to get to business. Mosey to the small excuse of amphitheater seats/steps for a series of dips and jumps.Start on the bottom and with 5 dips and 5 box/step jumps.Increasing by 5 with each step. *This […]

Fort Pain Reopening – 5.27.2020

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7 HIM hit it this morning at Fort Pain (with an FNG that Ragdoll picked up at Kroger!). The threat of rain didn’t deter us, and the weather actually turned out to be great, holding off on the downpour until after we were done.PAX: @Pre-K@ragdoll@Lone Star@Pancreas@Aladdin and @Doggy Doo (FNG Bill)Q: Heidi Warmorama:GM OYOWMH OYOSSH – 10 in cadence […]

F3 Spring Hill Anniversary Beatdown – 5.23.2020

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PAX:@pre-k, @Bogo @Cosmo @Foosball @Heidi @Kwame @Lone Star @Operation @Pancreas @Ron Swanson @Sully @Aladdin (FNG), @striker, @squattypotty (FNG) @ragdoll @frappe SEVENTEEN HIM made their triumphant, long-awaited return to the gloom to honor Mitch Earwood. Man did it feel good to get back after it and see all of your mugs. It went a little like this: Earwood Hero WOD […]

Heidi’s Killer Combo of Pyramids and 5 Min Sets – 5.20.2020

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4 HIM hit it hard this morning at Fort Pain!PAX: @Pancreas, @FICO, @Tiny DancerQ: Heidi In honor of the upcoming Memorial Day, this morning’s beatdown was taken from, courtesy of Stew Smith, former Navy SEAL modified the above workout to fit in our allotted time) Warmorama:Some light stretching OYO (GM, and WMH), followed by a few SSH, then […]

Uprising – 5.19.2020

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2 for a PERFECT WEATHER 5 miler up Sugar Ridge for #uprising this morning: @Kwame and @Dead Leg . Get after a run or beatdown this morning fellas. And don’t forget about the anniversary party on Saturday at 6pm at @Sully ‘s place for a great opportunity to fellowship. And and don’t forget about @Tiny Dancer ‘s anniversary beatdown in the morning, in person (i […]