Proving Grounds – 2.24.22

PAX: @Rudolph @Clipart @Oscar Mayer @Night Light
FNGs: 0
Q: @Rudolph
Count: 4
Disclaimer – Principles – Credo
Thang – We go together
Collectively complete the following:
400 burpees
12 laps (run)
400 merkins
400 squats
8 laps (politician)
400 Carolina dry docks
400 American hammers (4 count)
See slack

Prayer Requests
@Night Light’s daughter being initiated into a new women’s group
Moleskin – Unconditional Love
We all need experiences of being loved unconditionally. Without direct experience of unconditional love, as shared in a good marriage or close friendship, it’s hard to believe in God’s unconditional love. Our friend or partner constantly holds a mirror up to us, and shows us our good side and our bad side, and reminds us that we still haven’t really learned to love. We come face-to-face with an infinite mystery that assures us that we can’t live up to it. That’s why Jesus gave a symbolically infinite number, “seventy times seven,” to describe countless times even good people will need to forgive each other.
Thankfully, the gospel gives us a blessed assurance that we operate inside of an abundant, limitless, infinite Love. Even though we will constantly fail, failure is not the final word. We also have hope that everything can be mended, healed, and restored. A welded connection can be the strongest part of a metal bar. It’s the breaking and the welding and the mending that create the real beauty of relationship. This is the dance of intimacy: we ask one another for forgiveness as we confess that once again we didn’t do it right. We needn’t be surprised or punish ourselves for it—though we all do. Darn it, I didn’t love right again! How can I miss the point so many times?

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