Black Ops Guidelines

As the PAX of F3 Spring Hill continue to accelerate their 1st F, more and more HIMs are taking the initiative to organize workouts outside of our regular workout schedule. This is outstanding! These are referred to as “black ops” workouts, and they can be led by anyone who wants to step up and take the Q. As a black ops Q, you have the freedom to choose the time, location, and workout regimen. Whether you’re training for an upcoming event, looking to make up for a fartsack, or just looking for more punishment than our official F3 workouts can dish out, you are empowered to make these workouts your own.

In order to provide some structure to anyone wanting to lead in this way, the SLT has created the following Black Ops Guidelines.

  1. Follow F3’s five principles:
    • Free of charge
    • Open to all men
    • Held outdoors, rain, shine, heat, or cold
    • Peer led in a rotating fashion
    • Ends with a Circle of Trust
  2. Follow all ceremonies of official F3 workouts. This includes:
    • Promote the workout with a pre-blast in the #black_ops channel
    • Plant a shovel flag if at all possible
    • Start with F3’s disclaimer, principles, and credo
    • Name any FNGs after the workout
    • Post a backblast in the #black_ops channel
  3. Avoid setting up black ops workouts that conflict with official F3 workouts. This includes F3SH’s regular weekly AOs, nearby CSAUPs, nearby Convergences, and other special events such as the Memorial Day Murph.

“Why do we need these guidelines?”

  1. The SLT wants to ensure that all workouts associated with F3 meet our standards.
  2. The SLT wants to preserve our AOs and events as the primary 1st F activities, while still giving everyone the flexibility to recruit the PAX to join them in black ops workouts as desired.

“I want to pursue my own fitness goals, but the timing conflicts with an official F3 workout.”

  1. You are certainly free to pursue your own training, but please refrain from promoting it as an F3 black ops workout if it conflicts with an official F3 workout.
  2. If you see an unmet 1st F need in our region, please bring that to the SLT. As a way of testing the waters, the SLT may designate a specific time and location for a weekly black ops workout to occur, even though it conflicts with official F3 workouts. Over time, if attendance is healthy, that regular black ops may be converted into a full time AO.

“Will posting to an F3 black ops workout count towards my annual posts?”