Armory 1.29.22

14 HIM wanted to get right this morning. PAX: @Cancunderoos, @Heidi (1st F Q), @Soul Glo, @Earhart, @Thin Mint, @Dookie Howser, @Pancreas, @Ginsu, @Jalisco, @Offsides, @turtle (F3 Franklin), @Lone Star, @Night Light, and QIC @Three’s […]

The Armory – 1.22.22

FAST and Furious 21 Conditions: clear, crisp, balmy 14 degrees, perfect conditions PAX: @Earhart @Thin Mint @Rudolph @Pancreas @Hot Mic (Tribute)  @Cosmo @Cross-Stitch @Night Light @Three’s Company @Peewee (TRAPP) @Fertile Myrtle  @Jalisco @Ginsu @Soul Glo @UnderoosQiC: @O’Douls Intro […]

Armory – 1.15.22

Cosmo’s 2nd F3 Anniversary PAX: @Three’s Company @Thin Mint @Bogo @Ginsu @Soul Glo @Lone Star @Tiny Dancer @Joey Freshwater @Hot Mic (Tribute) @Operation @Offsides @Jalisco @Pancreas @Earhart @Fertile Myrtle @Cosmo (YHC) QIC: @Cosmo Conditions: NOT like YHC’s first time. Dry and […]