Basic Terminology

When you first get started with F3, the language can be a little confusing.  We have a nickname or acronym for practically everything we do.  It may sound like we’re speaking a foreign language at first, so below is a list of some of the more common terms we use in our day-to-day lingo.  For a full (and extensive!) list, check out the official F3 Lexicon.

Top Terms To Know:

  • First F – Fitness. AKA: 1F.
  • Second F – Fellowship. AKA: 2F.
  • Third F – Faith. AKA: 3F.
  • PAX – A Member of F3Nation.
  • Post/Posting – To appear and participate in an Event.
  • FNG – Short for Friendly New Guy – A man Posting to his first Workout. (soon to be a PAX)
  • HC – Short for Hard Commit – A PAX’ firm acknowledgement that he will Post for a pending Workout or Event.
  • Q – A Leader who takes responsibility for the Outcome. Typically used to designate the PAX/HIM who is leading the workout.

Commonly Used Terms:

  • AO – Short for Area Of Operations. (One of our workout locations)
  • AOQ – a PAX member who is the lead Q of an AO.
  • Back Blast – A written account of a Workout or Event that the Q Posts to a public forum.
  • Beat Down – A very difficult Workout delivered by a Q with Zeal.
  • Clown Car – Three or more PAX riding together to a Workout, typically outside of their usual AO.
  • Coffeeteria – The act of gathering in the parking lot of the AO post-COT rather than a commercial establishment, thereby commuting nowhere to enjoy fellowship with the PAX whilst enjoying coffee.
  • COT – Short for Circle Of Trust.
  • Coupon – A weighty item utilized by the PAX as a burden in physical exercise. Most commonly a cinder block.
  • CSAUP – Short for Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless – Difficult, dirty and dangerous Events that build Trust between Team Members.  Typically a multi-hour event consisting of a mix of running several miles and stopping for workouts along the way. (Similar to a Tough Mudder or Spartan style event)
  • EH – Emotional Headlock – The method by which most FNGs are recruited into F3. 
  • Fartsack/Fartsacking – Staying in bed instead of Posting.
  • HIM – High Impact Man.
  • M/The M – the Most important relationship, that of your wife/significant other.
  • Six – Your posterior end, or the PAX at the trailing end of a Workout. The place most FNG’s start, but where few remain for long.
  • VQ – Short for Virgin-Q – A man’s first Q of an F3 Workout.
  • YHC – Short for Your Humble Correspondent.