2022 Tennessee Tussle

Attention all F3 regions across The Volunteer State. It is time for the second annual Tennessee Tussle! This is an opportunity for each region to produce teams of 4 to compete against each other. For glory, for bragging rights, for the trophy, and ultimately for their region. Last year brought out some amazing teams, and this year we’re looking to build on that success. Keep reading below for all the details.


Date: November 12, 2022
Time: 6:30AM start (intake starts at 5:30AM, instructions start at 6:00AM)
Location: On-site, Pinkerton Park in Franklin, TN


  • Teams of 4 PAX across 3 divisions will race to complete a circuit of exercises that focus on strength, speed, endurance, and coordination. Fastest time wins!
  • Teams must start and finish each station together. Cannot move to the next station until the 6 is in.
  • All reps are collective for the team and do not have to be spread out evenly per person.
  • In the spirit of fairness, it is crucial that all PAX perform the exercises 100% correctly. Judges will be monitoring form compliance and penalizing those who do not comply. First infraction at each station will result in a verbal warning. Second infraction will result in a 10 second penalty for the entire team (stop moving for 10 seconds).
  • All teams must wear a matching article of clothing. This can be matching red headbands, or a full blown team uniform. Be creative and have fun!


  • Clydesdale: Combined team weight equals at least 800 pounds
  • Respect: Combined team age equals at least 200 years
  • Thoroughbred: Open to all PAX with no restrictions

The Thang

The Circuit

Note: To help with bottlenecking, teams will release in waves of 4

** Click Here for video examples of each of the following exercises **

  • Buy-in: From the starting point, each team must send one member to retrieve a flag (4/10 of a mile round trip). The rest of the team must do a wall sit against a tree with overhead coupon hold until he returns with the flag. Each time a PAX breaks form, he will do 5 SSH then resume the tree sit and the team will receive one mark. Once the runner is back, all members of the team must do 5 hand-release burpees per their team’s marks. For example, if my team breaks form 4 times, each person on the team must do 20 burpees when the runner returns.
  • MOT 1 (525 ft): Tree weaving (run in serpentine pattern through trees)
  • Station 1: 200 hand-release burpees
  • MOT 2 (225 ft): Murder bunnies, then return coupon with overhead hold, then mosey
  • Station 2: 200 jump squats (must touch heels with hands)
  • MOT 3 (525 ft): Sprint
  • Station 3: 200 perfect merkins (hand release & shoulder tap)
  • MOT 4 (225 ft): Crab walk (feet facing forward)
  • Station 4: 200 one-count iron mikes (must jump, knee must touch grass)
  • MOT 5 (225 ft): Bear crawl
  • Station 5: Grand finale is an out & back (400 ft round trip). Backtracking not allowed. Must wait for the 6 before coming back.
    • Out: 2 PAX linked-arm broad jump, 1 PAX angry bear crawl (dragging 60# sandbag), 1 PAX crawl bear
    • Back: 2 PAX human wheelbarrow, 1 PAX sandbag carry, 1 PAX bear crawl


  • Once during the event, each team must select one PAX to run to Thunderdome and complete 50 hand-release burpees.
  • The selected PAX must leave from station 1, 2, 3, or 4. He is allowed to run to Thunderdome even if the rest of his team is not yet at his current station. Keep in mind that all 4 members of the team must be present before a team can continue from one station to the next.
  • The selected PAX cannot leave mid-MOT.
  • Upon finishing the burpees at Thunderdome, the selected PAX will receive an arm band. This arm band is required to finish the event.

Once all participants have finished, we will hold the award ceremony followed by coffeeteria, breakfast, and war stories.

So what’s stopping you? Create your own team of 4 and sign up today!

Sign-up sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V5TIE-6JFVO1XW8cDiSu3d6f_5K_EgXjv8d4xci4RR4/edit?usp=sharing 

Oh, and we have a LEGIT trophy for the winners to take home (until next year!)

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