Rucking CSAUP, August 7th 2021

F3SH’s inaugural Rucking CSAUP is a go for launch!
Name: SOG I – Operation Serpent
Who: You, if you’re ready to be disrupted.
What: 8-9 miles over 5 hours of growth and change in a team-building environment. No men will be left behind, but no man will be left where he was found.
Where: The insurgent riddled country of Tomzania.
When: August 7th at 0500.
Why: To prepare you for a future GORUCK (or GORUCK-like) event, push your boundaries, and accelerate all three Fs.
How: Through a CSAUP that 1FQ Heidi described as “I need a rest after reading that.”
Required packing list will be shared in coming weeks with an appropriate pre-blast. Start training now. How? Pickup something heavy and carry it a few miles. Easiest CSAUP training plan ever.

2 thoughts on “Rucking CSAUP, August 7th 2021

    1. Men will be able to self-select their minimum dry weight of either 20# or 30#, by 30# is encouraged. Does it say rough terrain? The CSAUP is conducted 80% over unpaved terrain. Take that as you will.

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