Muscle Beach – 2.25.22

PAX: @Night Light@Three’s Company@Jalisco@Reset
FNGs: 0
Q: @Tiny Dancer
Count: 05
5 PAX answered the bell and got better amidst this newest instance of wartime.
Soundtrack: Rocky IV
50 ssh
10 squats
100 merkins
EMOM (5 rounds)
7 pull-ups
Mountain climbers until time
Kill Bertha
Ruck devils press
Hammer the tire
Tire flips to the fence and back uphill to the beach (timer)
After 2 rounds: 2 sets of 20 merkins
Round 3
Bertha squats
Kettlebell swing
Hammer the tire
Tireflip (timer)
2 sets of 20 merkins
Soundtrack: Going the Distance and Fanfare for Rocky on LOOP
SNOW begins
Remaining rounds; 40 merkins after each round:
Bertha clean and press
Devil’s press
Hammer the tire
25# dumbbell curl and press
Clean and throw 60#sb down to fence and back to beach (timer)
We caught lightening in a bottle again. You haven’t truly lived until you throw Bertha around to Rocky IV music and it begins to snow.
Cannonball Run
all injured PAX
be a domestic church at home. We can’t fix society by passing laws or jailing criminals, but we can help fix it by raising Christians. Let your marriage be what your children aspire to have one day, rather one that they would avoid.
Communism/Marxism is incompatible with the Kingdom of God. As such, we must fight it any way we can, including prayer, voting, and, when justified, through arms.
“In the Communistic commonwealth morality and law would be nothing but a derivation of the existing economic order, purely earthly in origin and unstable in character. In a word. the Communists claim to inaugurate a new era and a new civilization which is the result of blind evolutionary forces culminating in a humanity without God.
When all men have finally acquired the collectivist mentality in this Utopia of a really classless society, the political State, which is now conceived by Communists merely as the instrument by which the proletariat is oppressed by the capitalists, will have lost all reason for its existence and will “wither away.” However, until that happy consummation is realized, the State and the powers of the State furnish Communism with the most efficacious and most extensive means for the achievement of its goal.
Such, Venerable Brethren, is the new gospel which bolshevistic and atheistic Communism offers the world as the glad tidings of deliverance and salvation! It is a system full of errors and sophisms. It is in opposition both to reason and to Divine Revelation. It subverts the social order, because it means the destruction of its foundations; because it ignores the true origin and purpose of the State; because it denies the rights, dignity and liberty of human personality.” – Pope Pius XI, 1937

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