Fort Pain – 2.23.22

Welcome to the 40’s PAX: @Offsides@Paperboy@Reset@Underoos@Three’s Company@2nd F Kwame@Rudolph@Ginsu@MapQuest@Blackout@finkle FNG:0 Q: @Jalisco Count: 12 Introduction, Disclaimer, Meaning, Intro and Disclaimers: F3 stands […]

Fort Pain – 2.9.22

PAX: @Blackout @Underoos @Reset @Operation @Offsides @Soul Glo @Cosmo @Tiny Dancer @Joey Freshwater @Heidi (1st F Q) @finkle @Foosball @AflacQ: @Casanova Count: 14 Introduction, Disclaimer, Meaning, Core Principles Warm-o-rama Side Straddle Hops Shoulder Taps Hillbillies Big […]

Fort Pain – 2.02.22

PAX: @Timeshare @Offsides @Lone Star @Baby Gap @Reset @Paperboy @Jalisco @Oscar Mayer @Blackout @Finkle FNGs: 1 Finkle Q: @Timeshare Count: 10 Summary of the workout: Introduction, Disclaimer, Meaning, Core Principles Warmarama Side straddle […]

Fort Pain – 1.12.22

10 PAX came to get better: @Underoos, @Blackout, @Sully, @Peewee (TRAPP), @Jalisco, @Procter, @Three’s Company, @Aflac, @Tiny Dancer, and your 3 minute late Q @Cross-Stitch Warmo: 30 burpees Thang: Dora […]