2022 Tennessee Tussle – Form Examples

Below are examples of all of the exercise we will be doing at the 2022 Tennessee Tussle. In the spirit of fairness, it is crucial that all PAX perform the exercises 100% correctly. Judges will be monitoring form compliance and penalizing those who do not comply. First infraction at each station will result in a verbal warning. Second infraction will result in a 10 second penalty for the entire team (stop moving for 10 seconds).

Click here for the full Tennessee Tussle information page.


Tree Weaving:

Hand Release Burpees:

Murder Bunnies: 

Jump Squats:


Perfect Merkins:

Crab Walk:

Iron Mikes:

Bear Crawl:

Linked-arm Broad Jump:

Angry Bear Crawl & Crawl Bear: 

Human Wheelbarrow, SB Carry, & Bear Crawl:


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