Fort Pain Virtual Beatdown – 5.06.2020

6 came out for a virtual #fort-pain beatdown (my first virtual Q!)PAX: @Tiny Dancer, @Lone Star,  @FICO,  @Pancreas,  @Heidi QIC: @Operation

Cardio and stretches

Q created a grid with 26 rows (one for each letter) and 10 columns. Each row had the same set of 10 workouts but in a random order. PAX took turns calling out letter/number combos to decide the exercises and their order.Exercises
-High Taps – in plank, plank walk to side, then get on one hand, turning to lift a leg and tap to either side of other leg. Back to plank, 2 shoulder taps, then plank walk to other side and repeat with other leg.
-Low Taps – same as High Taps, but plank walk is done in a low merkin position.
-Spider Fight – Spider-Man merkin, then get to feet and jump 180 degrees and Spider-Man merkin the other direction
-HRBRB (pronounces “Herberb”) a Hand-Release Burpee then Regular Burpee.
-Red Giants – burpee, but with a mountain climber added, and instead of a normal jump you star jump. And with each successive rep, you add one to each “piece” of the burpee. So a level 3 RG is 3 merkins, then 3 mountain climbers, then 3 star jumps.
-SkiClerkin – ski abs then clap merkin
-Tire Iron Mike – iron mikes, but with a low squat jump between each one (like your flipping a giant tire, get it???)
-Frog Bear – frog jump, then crawl bear back
-Squats – reps based on number PAX chose that got us squats, times 10

There was one other excessive we did not get to that I will save for another time.Each exercise was performed for 2 minutes, except for squats.Pain Schedule:
High Taps
Low Taps
Low Taps
Spider Fight
90 Squats
20 Squats
Red Giants
Tire Iron Mikes
Frog Bear

So I lost my connection about here, so may have missed something when I reconnected.
Nolensville Gauntlet 5/16 (CSAUP).

Prayer requests
@Venus hurt elbow doing what he does, playing tennis. Keeping all our sanity if we’re still at home all the time (like me) and that everyone who’s moving around society stays safe.

I appreciate everyone who is a part of this group. Returning over this past week has been part of the individual reinvigoration God has been leading me through, as I was having a tough time accepting my new work/home arrangement.We make a difference. See what you can make today.

Op out

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