Armory, How coupons got their groove back – 5.09.2020

PAX in attendance:
@Tiny Dancer
@Ron Swanson
FNG – @CabbagePatch
QiC: @Lone Star

Warm-a- Rama:
Good Mornings OYO
Arms Circles forward/backward OYO
Abe Vigodas OYO
20 Side Saddle Hops

The Thang:
Pyramid of reps per exercise set.
Rep counts: 10-15-20-15-10
Each set focusing on Legs – Core – Arms w/coupons

Round 1
Big Boy Sit-Ups
Curls5 Burpees

Round 2
Lunges (both legs =1 rep)
Mountain Climbers (both legs =1 rep)
Overhead Press10 Burpees

Round 3
Jump Ups
American Hammers (2 count=1 rep)
Skull Crushers15 Burpees

Round 4
Squat Press (w/ coupon)
Shoulder Taps (both arms=1 rep)
Bent Over Rows10 Burpees

Round 5
Single Leg Alabama Prom Date (both legs=1 rep)
Flutter Kicks (4 count per rep)
Bench Press5 Burpees***for those counting that’s 70 reps per exercise and 45 burpees

Finish up with a 12 count coupon exercise named Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
Coupon on floor then Reverse Dead Lift to Waist – 1
Curl to Chest – 2
Lateral Press out to front – 3
Back to Chest – 4
Overhead Press Up – 5
Skull Crusher Down – 6
Skull Crusher Up – 7
Overhead Press Down – 8
Lateral Press out to front – 9
Back to Chest – 10
Curl Down to Waist – 11
Deadlift Down to Floor – 12
***I think we did about 10 of these?

Around the World Lunges
10 Reps
Starting with right leg
Lunge forward, then to the right as a side lunge, then back lunge
Switch to left leg with back lunge, to the left with side lunge, to forward lunge
That’s 1 rep – switch are easy to lose count of reps as most mentioned

Two more reps of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes w/ coupon

We Done!


  • Nolensville CSAUP Gauntlet is next Saturday 5/16/20 for those interested (carpool TBD)
  • F3 Spring Hill 1 Year Anniversary will be observed on 5/23/20 with a @Tiny Dancer led beatdown that morning and then a shindig out at Sully’s house with food and a bonfire. 
  • Send @Kwame a message if you are planning on attending to get a headcount. 
  • Memorial Day convergence workout @Tiny Dancer will have more details forthcoming

Prayer Request:

  • Family that @Tiny Dancer knows at church had a miscarriage – pray for the family and especially the mom/wife
  • @Pancreas’ aunt Debbie as she is recovering but her spirits are still very low. Pray that she sees redemption through God’s grace through the family.
  • For the world and our country’s leaders and decision makers during these covid times. Even though we may not agree with politics/views/decisions we are all in this together and fortunately our hope ultimately lies in God, who is in control no matter what. So we ask that they seek and be given wisdom to lead responsibly. 

 I mentioned and wanted to recommend the documentary by E60 named Project 11 on the ESPN app or OnDemand. It’s the Alex Smith story on his injury and recovery, it’s a great story of not giving up and remembering perspective. He is still recovering to ultimately play again in the NFL.

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