The Jack Squat – 5.02.2020

PAX: @Red Rocket@Tiny Dancer@Lone Star @FICO  @goose  @Heidi @Operation @Pancreas
Q: @Kwame

Warmarama: ‘the jack’
Jacked up (50 SSHs, 40 Seal Jacks, 30 Plank Jacks, 20 Crossover Jacks, 10 Smurf Jacks)
Jackass Merkins (merkin w/donkey kick x 15)
Jack Webbs (1:4 ratio merkin/air press x 8)
Jackees (Burpee w/SSH at top x 15)
Jackhammers (hold squat position, IC jump quick and land in squat position x 15)

The Thang: ‘the squat’

SSQs (side straddle squats x 15)
Suicide Squats (3 levels if squat- baby, regular, deep x 15)
Failure to Launch (hold Al Gore, 10 count down, explode into tuck jump x 10)
Squat Walking Rockette (arms in front, kick L leg to R hand, vice versa x 15)
Twinkle Toes (Al Gore with calf raises, 2 sets x 15)
Bolt 45s (15 squats, 15 deep squats, 15 jump squats)
Gorilla Humpers (wide stance monkey humpers, 2 sets x 15)
Air Drama (alternate 1 legged squats, foot in front x 15)
Bobby Hurley (slap ground then jump shot x 15)
Monkey Jumpers (MH w/jump x 15)
Pistol Squats (true 1 legged full squats, set of 5 each leg, then set of 10 each leg)
Prisoner’s Squat (squat with hands laces behind head, 4 count x 35)
Hoosiers/Bobby Knights (quick feet, alternating rotating torso left and right, 1 minute)

We had time for 3 favorites based on groans and visible agony from PAX, so YHC chose: suicide squats, Bobby Hurleys and Hoosiers/Bobby Knights

COT: Nolensville CSAUP 2 weeks from today
Spring Hill 1 Year Anniversary 3 weeks from today, TD to coordinate. Potentially in Sullys backyard with bbq after?

Prayer Requests: YHC heading back to work, Heidi’s job challenges currently.

Special guest appearance by repeat offender Goose from NOLA, he closed us out.

Praise for the glorious weather this morning, the company of good men, and the ability to physically exert ourselves and push each other to get better, one workout at a time. Remember it’s all in the journey fellas, not the destination. Enjoyed spending my Saturday morning with all of you!

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