Fort Paincreas – 5.13.2020

7 HIM got better together this morning at Fort Paincreas
@Lone Star
@Tiny Dancer
@Typo Positive
FNG 2Buck
QiC: Pancreas

My close friend who is like a brother to me, 2Buck (named for his affinity for Two Buck Chuck), surprised me by joining the workout today from California. Even though today is my M’s birthday, it felt like my birthday.

Since today is my M’s birthday, this workout was dedicated to her. The numbers of reps are based on significant numbers in her/our life.

10 squat mornings
Arm circles
Air presses
10 Merkins

The Thang
My M is 40 today: 40 Iron Mikes – 20 regular and 20 High Iron Mikes
Her first car was a ’96 Chevy Cavalier: 96 SSH
We’ve been a couple for 23 years: 23 Inside-Out Star Merkins (I was going to do 1:1 until TD suggested 2:1, so y’all can thank TD. These were TOUGH! I was barely doing them by the end)
She was born in 1980: 80 squats

She has taught 1050 classes (and counting) online, teaching English to Chinese kids.
I gave a list of the following exercises, and the PAX took turns choosing. Each exercise came with 100 reps, except for High Knees we did an extra 50 so we could hit 1050 reps.

Air Presses
Mountain Climbers (2:1)
American Hammers
Apollo Ohnos
High Knees
Flutter Kicks (2:1)
Plank Jacks
Freddie Mercuries (thanks @Operation!)

Because she is my ONE true love, we finished with 1 burpee. A deconstructed burpee, that is:1 minute of each of the following:
Jump in place with arms raised high
Al Gore
High Plank
Low Merkin hold (thanks again @Operation!)
High Plank
Al Gore

F3 Nolensville Gauntlet is next Saturday, 5/16. 5:30am, starts and finishes at Nolensville High. A few of us from F3SH are likely to participate. We need to figure out if we’re gonna clown car or drive separate.
Saturday 5/23 is the F3SH 1-year anniversary! 6:00am convergence at Armory and then a cookout at 5:00pm on @sullly’s property. Pot luck format. Be on the lookout for more information to come.

Family at TD’s church recovering and grieving from a miscarriage
Prayers for us men to continue our call to be men of God who love and lead our families well, along with the other areas of friendship, work, ministry, and community to which the Lord has called us.

I read Proverbs 1 this morning. So many nuggets there. “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.” 1:7 and v15 says, “their feet rush into sin”. Men, may we instead rush into integrity, character, and the grace and love of Jesus Christ!

SYITG, Pancreas

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