Uprising – 8/31/2021

10 PAX showed up this wet awesome morning to put some miles on and get their day started right!
@Rudolph @Paperboy @PrimeTime Kwame @Peewee (TRAPP) @Billy Madison @MapQuest @Snooki @MaryAnne @Jalisco and YHC @Timeshare
The Thang
We headed out to Commonwealth over to Duplex towards Buckner. Everyone pushed and gave a great effort at trying to get a little more distance than the last time. Great job by all getting back for COT in time. @Rudolph @Peewee (TRAPP) and @PrimeTime Kwame were light as feathers this morning and really had the after burners working.
Queen 05 Wednesday 5am at Ft Pain
Beacon Hill this Friday at 5:15am – Hall of Justice
Kwambine this Saturday Armory – Filed trip to Port Royal Park
Ping Pong and Peppers – 9/11 Pancreas’s
@Jalisco s cousin and others fighting fires in Tahoe
Safe travels for @MapQuest and family to FL
@Heidi (1st F Q) M and family
@Bogo In-laws
Sadly on our way back in, a large dog ran out on Duplex and was hit and killed. The driver stopped and the police were helping. We prayed for the dogs family and the lady that accidently hit him
Our Brothers and Sisters in
Take some time to read up on Prayer and Study for Beacon Hill this Friday. Try to pay attention to the Qs tomorrow and Thursday as their Moleskins will pertain to this. We all do such a great job in accelerating our F1 – Fitness. We’re also pretty darn good at F2, fellowship. Do we all put as much effort into accelerating our F3, Faith? Prayer is powerful and studying your faith helps increase knowledge of what you should be doing within your faith. The guardrail analogy in Study (Q1.11) really hit home to me. I get so upset with myself when I end up in the ditch. Let’s all think about how we can continue to build up our guardrails and accelerate.
Timeshare out – SYITG

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