Battalion – 9.01.21

Battalion – Playground Play Date. Yes, there was a whiteboard @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads). In fact, we had two as I splurged for a second oversized one.
9 HIMs joined at the park for a play date:
@Veronica @Jalisco @Thin Mint @Three’s Company @Cross-Stitch @ragdoll @Pancreas (Nant’an) @J Fresh @Soul Glo
Warmup and Disclaimer on the “Star”:
30 SSH to actual cadence
10 merkins OYO
Something else?
Disclaimer while on the concrete “Star” : The playground will punch back. Do this thang at your own risk. Modify as needed but not to avoid work.
Thang Part Uno – Down The Ladder 13 reps of each, 12 reps of each….down to one.
Thang Part Two – Attempt to find access to the enclosed/cylindrical slides at the top of the playground set, get on your six and slide down. If the six is still going down the ladder (Thang Part Uno), proceed to join in and do the ladder in reverse (same exercises, done 1,2,3..) until six is done and down the slide. There was grumbling that no boo boo buddies or bandaids were provided for the warp speed slide exit. Sorry fellas. See disclaimer above.
Bear Crawl the half circle back to the Star for Thang 3.
Thang Part Tres: One minute AMRAP of first exercise on the diminutive whiteboard, 20 seconds rest and move to the next exercise. We went through the board 2x.
Mary: We had 2 minutes left so we did some abs. 13 reps of movements called out by the PAX in honor of the fallen heroes on Afghanistan.
Thang One and Three exercises are below. For the slide Thang just imagine Chevy Chase shooting out of it on that trash can lid on Christmas Vacation.

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