Uprising – 7.06.21

18 HIM worked on their speed and decreasing their 5k times. We completed a ladder of:
1 lap 5k Pace
1 Lap resting Jog
2 laps 5k Pace
1 Lap Resting Jog
3 laps 5k Pace
1 lap Resting Jog
Then Back Down the ladder.

@Three’s Company FNG @OscarMyer @Tijuana@Peewee@Chowdah@2Buck@opie @FNG Cherry Princess @Billy Madison@Timeshare@Pancreas@Cross-Stitch@Dizzy Gillespie@Soul Glo@Joey Freshwater@Night Light@Fertile Myrtle @singlet (QIC)

Saturday 6am New Columbia AO darkHorse
August #CSAUP
Prayer Requests
Dizzie Gillespie
Pray for passing inspection
William – Praying for his Soul as of yesterday the good Lord took him home to heaven.
@Fertile Myrtle
Daughter’s safe travels
@Baby Gap his service and prayers for his family while he is gone
Gratitude! I am truly grateful for all of the HIM in this wonderful F3 group!

The Catholic dictionary defines gratitude as the virtue by which a person acknowledges entirely an exteriorly gifts received and seeks to make at least some return for the gift conferred. Essentially gratitude consists of an interior disposition a grateful heart but when genuine tries somehow to express itself in words and deeds. Consequently it includes three elements acknowledgment that a gift has been received, appreciation expressed in thankfulness, and as far as possible some return for what has been freely given with no obligation on the donors part.

Chronicles 16:8 I’ll give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name; make his needs known among the peoples! Give praise to the Lord; proclaim his greatness. Being grateful is an activity is an action make a joyful noise to the Lord coming to his gates with thanksgiving Psalm 100 I do not see used to give thanks for you give thanks always for everything Ephesians 1:16, 5:20.

How are we being grateful men are we thinking RM‘s are we showing gratitude to our children are you waking up in the morning and thanking God for every breath we have it is easy to get caught up in the rat race it is our challenge to find gratitude with the people around us. Mother Angelica said your neighbor may never experience Jesus you may be the only Jesus they experience how are you expressing our gratitude for this opportunity? Get after it men show your gratitude in anyway that you can make this an action .

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