Battalion – 7.07.2021

Conditions: Cool yet Humid
PAX: @Thin Mint @Tiny Dancer @Ginsu @Cousin Eddie @Rudolph @Timeshare @Three’s Company @Veronica @Fertile Myrtle @BetaMax (FNG) @Bubba Gump @Lone Star (QiC)
20 SSH
20 Squats
10 Imperial Walkers
10 Hillbilly Walkers

Lap around park and stop randomly for Mucho Chesto
5 Merkins
5 Diamond merkins
5 Werkins
5 HR Merkins
4 Stops Total

Everyone line up on one side of the football field
1 Burpee – 2 Broad Jumps – Crawl Bear Back
2 Burpees – 4 Broad Jumps – CB Back
3 Burpees – 6 Broad Jumps – CB Back
4 Burpees – 8 Broad Jumps – CB back
5 Burpees – 10 Broad Jumps – CB back
6 Burpees – 12 Broad Jumps – politician back
7 Burpees – 14 Broad Jumps – politician back
8 Burpees – 16 Broad Jumps – politician back
9 Burpees – 18 Broad Jumps – politician back
10 Burpees – 20 Broad Jumps – lunge back

Mountain Motivators
Non stop – count down and back to top of count.
10 SSH down to 1 to 10 Half SSH down to 1 to 10 hops down to 1
Start back at 9 down to 1 – all 3 moves
Then to 8 down to 1
All the way down 1 of each move

Mosey to next football field
100 yard bear crawl
Back to Star for a Round of Mary
20 LBCs
20 Flutter Kicks
20 AL Prom Dates
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Shoulder taps
8 Count Body Builders until time
Completed 11


All the new AO’s starting up
Upcoming CSAUP’s
Check Slack for all

The Franklin family who lost their son Will from an ATV accident

I just wanted to emphasize to all the importance of keeping your mind and heart in the right space, being conscience of what you consume and how it will affect you. All this comes from a week ago today, very close friend from college sent me and a few other close friends a message that the night before he had confessed to his wife that he had been having an affair for months. So a bombshell from a friend whom I never thought this would happen to, as he is also a long time pastor. Talking to him more it all started from watching pornography and that fantasy telling him his marriage was not sufficient enough for him, so he strayed. He knows he messed up big time and is going to work hard toward reconciliation and so far his wife is willing to work on it too.

Men, if you struggle with porn or lust, there are guys in F3 who have and there are ways to overcome it, I speak from experience. My marriage has flourished since I let that crap go. No shame in asking for help or guidance.

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