Murph Monday – 7.05.21

Today 15 of us warmed up, stretched, and murphed.  Saw a lot of PRs on strava so great job today men.

@Underoos @Blackout @Jalisco @Pancreas @Peewee @Alex Plunkett @sOUL SURFEr @Cosmo @Fertile Myrtle @Operation @Soul Glo @Tijuana (QIC) @Paperboy @Cousin Eddie @Hot Mic

Lots of new AO's coming up this week.  Dig deep in the slack app to find them.
Tomorrow is @Singlet VQ at uprising tomorrow
Be sure to get your orders in on the F3 nation website for F3 gear.
@Cousin Eddie's band is playing at boondocks
this Friday 8 to midnight .  It's somewhere between spring hill and Columbia on 431???
Meal train on slack for @Baby Gap

Prayer requests:
@sOUL SURFEr: him and his M and the eating lifestyle.  Praying for her to make some changes to get healthier.
@Cousin Eddie: Joe B, a spring hill resident got covid in March just woke up.
Pray for @Baby Gap: mission to Ft. Campbell and beyond.  Pray for his safety.
@Cosmo : Praise Ellie Mosley is healing from her affliction.
@Hot Mic:  friend of family in car crash, Pray for her healing and the drunk driver who hit her to find the right path.

I few weeks ago I started googleing the founding fathers and learned that Thomas Jefferson authored the declaration of independence at age 33.  I thought that was very young, like to display that much ability and wisdom at 33 was pretty impressive to me.  So it got me thinking about the other founding fathers and how old they might be.

John Adams was 39 when he signed the declaration of independence. John adams lived to be 90 years old

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson developed a rapport with one another and did a ton of work early in our nation's history.  
They died on the exact same day

George Washington was about 44 when thr declaration of independence was signed. He was 51 when he defeated the British in the revolutionary warHe was 56/57 when he became the first president.

John hancock was 39 when he signed the declaration of independence.

Benjamin Franklin who was 70.

Others were shockingly young — even teenagers. James Monroe, for example, was 18 and Alexander Hamilton was 21.
This guy's all did great things for their country during their lives and age had absolutely nothing to do with it. They did it during very hard times just to survive.  The list of achievements these men have to credit would take a whole week of moleskins.  My point is this….in F3 we have lots of men of all ages in here.   let's not let our age be our jester and tell us we're too old or too young to “do it” whatever it is.  If you ever hear that jester start talking about how were too old or too young remember the founding fathers were a very diverse group of men age wise, much like our F3.  Age had nothing to do with what they accomplished.

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