Uprising – 11.17.2020

2 wholes and 2 halves for a beautiful #uprising this morning…
@2Buck and YHC ran, @Pancreas scooted, and @JoeyFresheagle lifted in the depot parking lot for an epic uprising today.
2Buck had his maiden voyage up Bertha today and she was digging the fresh meat. The cemetery at the top had him yearning for Cali. We might not be as beautiful as your former running group, but hopefully we had some good conversation this morning @2Buck !
With half the foursome laid up with injuries it was fun watching @Pancreas try to keep up with us this morning going up Bertha on @Rudolph’s scooter! Nice work!
And @Joey Freshwater , what can I say that hasn’t been said about The Man, The Myth, The Eagle…showed up to a running AO with weights. Power move there. Power move.
TurkeyPath is on thanksgiving (shocker, right?)
Prayers out for Joey’s son, 2Buck’s transition, my mom’s knee surgery recovery.
Great morning gents!
Kwame OUT 

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