Uprising – 10.19.21

11 HIM woke up this brisk morning for some running and fellowship.  @Clipart@MapQuest@Three’s Company@Billy Madison@Cross-Stitch@Blackout@Lone Star@Pancreas (Nant’an)@Heidi (1st F Q)@Chowdah – Community Outreach and YHC @Timeshare
The Work
Start with some stretching.  Willie Mays Hayes – Good Mornings – Crowd Pleasers – Monkey Humpers
Two Options
#1 – Four quadrants were set up with cones around the track for the members working towards their 1 mile PRs.  Green cones for GO and red cones for SLOW.  3 warm laps, 3 interval laps and then cool down laps.  In hindsight I should have added more intervals, but it didn’t matter much.  Some of the fellas ran more if they felt they needed it, as expected!
#2 – Jog around the track in case you’re looking to do a shake out from Bourbon Chase or dealing with injury / soreness
  • Saturday evening is “Refinery” at 7PM.  3rd F either at @Sully s or @ragdoll s.  Stay posted
  • Dec 9th Bell Ringer Race at Montgomery State Park.  15K, 25K, 50K.  @Procter is running the 50 and @Heidi (1st F Q) is running the 15.  Come join them.
  • Grey Ghost Volunteers still needed
  • Lots going on every weekend.  Check Heidi’s notes in Slack
Please try to keep in mind the Brothers that are hurt and on the sideline.  F3 is a big part of most of our lives.  It can be a big demotivator, even depressing to be out at times.  Think about being proactive and reaching out to them.  Give them any advice that could help, ask them to still come out even if it’s for coffeteria.  From personal experience, it means the world.  Also, if you have not done a team event outside of our normal AOs, I strongly encourage you to do it.  This past weekend at the Bourbon Chase is something I’ll never forget and always cherish. Getting to know some of my Brothers on a deeper level and accomplishing something that big has had a big impact on me.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.
Thank you all for allowing me to lead.  You’re an awesome group of guys.  SYITG

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