Fort Pain – 10.20.21

13 HIM got to see the dark backside of Fort Pain that we call the Green Monster.
PAX: @Underoos @Swamp Rabbit @Blackout @Foosball (3rdFQ) @Heidi (1st F Q) @Jalisco @Ginsu @Corncob  @Joey Freshwater @Commodore @Operation @Reset @Offsides
FNGs: None
Q: @Operation
None. PAX instructed to warm up and stretch before start.
Mosey to the Green Monster! There was a surprise waiting at the bottom – about 370 lbs of weight across 2 sandbags and 6 coupons.
Form 2 Teams. Each team has
Scout PAX(s) politicianing up the Monster, moseying back to group, politicianing back up, etc. until whole team reaches top, followed by
3 PAX pushing their coupon sleds, followed by
2 PAX bear crawling a sandbag together
As weight reaches the top, PAX carry it back down.
Rotate positions. Repeat. Break @Corncob’s shoulder. Try to get @Offsides to splash merlot.
Move the weight to gate.
Mosey back to flags for COT.
  • Sign up for Grey Ghost volunteering if you can
  • Refinery this Saturday night, drop your HCs
  • Check out the F3SH Q calendar and sign up
  • Nolensville Guantlet 10/30
  • F3 Dads event 10/31
  • TN Tussle 11/6
  • Honoring veterans workout armory and darkhorse 11/13
Today’s message is about transparency and openness. For married men, if there is one relationship that must remain transparent is with your M. Yesterday, I had a particularly bad day at work, but not because the work was bad but because I could not bring myself to be that productive during the day, which puts me further behind for the month, which means I will have to give up family time later, etc. I have a tendency to handle all that guilt on my own, since I’m the only person in the house who really understands the workplace environment. But I brought myself just to share the simple fact “I had a bad day at work. I didn’t do very well, and I just wanted you to know.” Just sharing that and bringing her into that space with me made a huge difference, instantly. Try to be intentional; if in doubt, force yourself to over-share and see what happens.
Op Out

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