Uprising – 10.12.21

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Warm-o-Rama :
Runners stretch
Mosey to track
Thang 1:
Dora partner 1 carries a load
Partner 2 runs a lap.
Exchange the load
Repeat until each partner has run 4 laps
Thang 2:
Run a fast mile
Thang 3:
Repeat Dora until time
  • 10/31 F3 dads @fort pain
  • Support the bourbon chase final workout @primetime
Remember God’s faithfulness
Psalm 103:1-5The Bible time and again encourages us to remember where we’ve come from.
Take a moment to reflect on where we all have come over the last year. Emotional, spiritual, physical changes have been experienced by many. Sometimes when we only look immediately around us it can feel as if we aren’t progressing. It’s good to look back at where you’ve come from as a reminder of the change you’ve experienced and the level of acceleration you’ve accomplished in your life.
Maybe looking back is hard for you to see the difference in your own life so today we all walked in the shoes of one who has seen incredible physical change over the last 6 months.
Billy Madison has lost roughly 13% of his body weight. That equates to 39 pounds.  This morning we all walked a mile in the shoes of the early 2021 version of @Billy Madison as a reminder of the tremendous progress he’s made in his health journey.

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