Tribute – 10.12.21

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Michael Phelps
Good mornings
Willie Mays Hayes
Quad stretch

The Thang: Kalsu
For time
200 thrusters
5 burpees to start and at the top of every minute

All in within 30 minutes

Mary until time

Volunteer for the grey ghost
Join a team for the TN Tussle
Check slack for other announcements

Moleskin: Bob Kalsu was an all American tackle at Oklahoma and was drafted by the Buffalo Bills on 1968. He was the rookie of the year for the Bills that season. The following season he joined the US Army as a second lieutenant and was killed in action by mortar fire at the battle of FSB Ripcord on July 21, 1970. He was the only professional athlete to die in Vietnam and the last to die in combat until Pat Tillman in 2004. Two days after his death his wife Jan gave birth to their son.

This was the final letter he wrote to his wife in the middle of the 23 day battle:

Dearest Janny Belle–How’re things with my beautiful, sexy, lovable wife. I love & miss you so very much and can’t wait till I’m back home in your arms and we’re back in our own apartment living a normal life. The time can’t pass fast enough for me until I’m back home with all my loved ones and especially you Jan and Jilly and Baby K. I love and need you so very much.

The wind has quit blowing so hard up here. It calmed down so much it’s hard to believe it. Enemy activity remains active in our area. Hopefully it will cease in the near future.

I’m just fine as can be. Feeling real good just waiting to hear the word again that I’m a papa. It shouldn’t be much longer until I get word of our arrival….I love you, xxx-ooo.


May we live in a way that honors his sacrifice.

More on Bob Kalsu:

Soul out

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