Fort Pain – 10.13.21

Title: “Signs of Pain”
Location: Fort Pain
Date: 13 October 2021
Location: Sara Benson Park
Q: @Nightlight
Who attended? # HIMS- @Commodore@Foosball (3rdFQ)@Corncob, @blackout

F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. 1st F Disclaimer: Exercise at your own risk and modify as necessary. “We modify to avoid injury, not to avoid work.”

2nd Disclaimer: The 5 Core Principles of F3 workouts are: Free of charge, Open to all men, Held outdoors – rain or shine, heat or cold, Peer led in a rotating fashion, Always end in a Circle of Trust. The F3 Credo is: “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.”

Welcome to F3 Spring Hill “Signs of Pain” is this anyone’s first time? I am Night Light and I am not a professional trainer, you can modify as needed but do not stop. Today’s workout is to honor those men that started before us 10 years ago building F3 into what it has become, and the fact that F3 has impacted your life.

Warm ups in cadence = jog in place, side straddle hop, arm circles, good-mornings, Willie Mays Hays, high kicks.

The Thang: We stayed as a pack of 5 and divided the numbers at each station
50 burpees, run, 100 Mercins, run, 150 sit ups, run, 200 squats, run, 250 SSH, run, 300 LBC, run, 250 flutter kicks, run, 200 lunges, run, 150 donkey kicks, run, 100 overhead press, run, 50 shoulder taps, run, plank for 5 minutes, return to the start and repeat

COT: Count-o-Roma, Name-o-Roma
3rd F Disclaimer: F3 does not endorse any specific faith, but asks that you look to a power greater than yourself and respect the faith and prayer of the Q.
Announcements: See Slack, we have the Grey Ghost 5k on 23 October and need volunteers, TN Tussle in Nolensville on 06 November sign up.
Prayer Requests: Night Light to Get Right, and all the Men with injuries.

Moleskin: F3 10 year anniversary
On January 1st 2011, a group of 34 Men posted on a foggy morning at Alexander Graham Middle School for the first workout that would become F3. They were a break-off group from another men’s fitness group that had become too large. These Men had stumbled onto something that would eventually lead to Spring Hill Tennessee. Because of their leadership and our leadership, every morning before the sun comes up, on school and church campuses, in public parks and parking lots, thousands of men gather to work out under the banner of F3 Nation. The workouts are simple, there are no gimmicks, trends, or fancy gear, and the men participating take turn leading. No one pays a dollar, yet every man involved will tell you that F3 keeps him in the best shape of his adult life. I feel great and confident among you high impact men. Yesterday I had convinced myself to go back in my gym, but as I approached Harvey Park I knew that there is no-way I can drive past a hero tribute workout. @SoulGlo did not disappoint the pack. Right.

Take a Knee: Father, we first want to give you thanks for our savior your Son Jesus Christ so that we could be forgiven of our sins. We are trying to get better and to get right. Please use us in spreading your Grace both in our family and in the community. Here we are Father, send us. In Jesus name, Amen.

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