Trapp – 8.05.21

16 Him in the beautiful morning!
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 Running in 2 lines as a battalion in the gravel path, we all pushed ourselves by keeping up with the leaders pace ( really hard when the flash guys take it) after 3 minutes leaders go to the back and we keep with this rotation, the group broke and we do sit-ups waiting on the 6  by the barn to re- group
Get back to sunrise hill respecting same modality.
Mary for 4 minutes

Crucible coming try to attend
F3dads Sunday at 2pm great experience for 2.0’s
Rucking csup Saturday 5:00am
M’s meeting today at fainting goat 6:30pm

@mallcop marriage wisdom
@Yaris marriage
@Chowdah – Community Outreach and @Jalisco  work patience to deal with stressful situations.
@Billy Madison wisdom on the coaching role to transmit a good message.
All the pax unable to post, mental and physical health
2.0’s new school year

To get the best out of your man, they must feel that you are their real leader and must know that they can depend upon you.
Leadership is hard we all need to show and start in our household setting up the example and guiding our family, for our kids and wife’s we are the leader and need to act like one. This applied for our work and our group, let’s step up and be a leaders.
@Jalisco out.

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