Primetime – 8.04.21



7 strong at Primetime tonight for a beautiful night of running…
“The one where @MapQuest got lost…”
@MaryAnne @Danica @Fertile Myrtle @Snooki @MapQuest @Earhart and YHC
Out and back (or so we thought) towards Harvey park…until @MapQuest decided he wanted us to circle by Lowe’s on the way back…
Like a typical man, he was CERTAIN we should turn left. I said, “you sure?” And he responded with a half hearted “yeah”. 5 minutes later we were back to square one on Miles johnson parkway, 2 miles from home with 12 minutes to go. We picked it up and made it back about 5 or 6 minutes late to a gracious crew that found it ironic and hilarious that Mapquest of all people got us lost.
Kudos to everyone for a spirited run. Love this night running AO, I’m glad all the guys out tonight are becoming ‘regulars’ on the night circuit. The sun is just about setting by the end now, and we had some cooler temps and less humidity than the last few weeks. Kudos specifically to Maryann for crushing the pace tonight. You are an inspiration
Ruck CSAUP on Saturday at 5am
F3 Dads event Sunday at 2pm

@MaryAnne’s boss- still in recovery in hospital but out of ICU and getting stronger
@Fertile Myrtle’s M- recovering from covid and getting back to work
Mall cop’s marriage

Praying has never come easy for me- but f3 has been such a great influence for me. Not only hearing how others pray, but taking elements from  others and making it my own. So important to do so out loud, and to go beyond prayers for just yourself or your family- praying for other brothers is paramount and is mentioned in James 5:16- “Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.”
See y’all next week! Kwame out 

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