TRAPP – 7.01.21

18 HIM showed up this AM for a run up (or beside/around) a hill.  
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After some stretching we departed to run “that way” until 5:55 and then turn around and come back.  We all had the option of running up or around sunrise hill, and then through or around the woods trails to the barn.  Then run north until 5:55 AM, then turn around and come back.

Bunch of new AOs coming up, spring hill F3 is growing in a good way.

Prayer requests:
@ToeJam relationship with father, prayed for reconciliation so his 2.0s can have a good relationship with their grandfather.
Lots of PAX traveling as it's travel season
@Pancreas pray that the growth F3SH has glorifies God and not necessarily the MEN of F3SH.  We got to stay humble.

Moleskin:  from the Qsource:
The Mammon.  A man's relationship with us job.
My takeaways from this chapter where right in my wheelhouse.   Its all about keeping your relationship with your career in the right place.  AFTER your relationship with your Lord, M, 2.0s, friends.  For me this means compartmentalizing your work life as much as possible with your family life.  This Means leaving work at work, and for me, putting my cell phone away when I get home as it keeps me engaged with work.

Also it's very easy for men to get absorbed with your relationship with work as it's the EASIEST of the things we have to do.  Work affirmations are often easier to get that affirmations from our M or 2.0s.

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