Battalion – 6.30.21

14 PAX Brave the South Wildlands to get better.
@Heidi @Fertile Myrtle @Soul Glo @Tijuana @Rudolph @Yaris @ragdoll @Tiny Dancer @Chowdah @Night Light @Veronica @opie @cousineddie and @foosball (QIC)

Warm – o – Rama
mosie around parking lot (line jumps, squat jumps, and merky toe taps)
Bacs, bac bacs, WMH, and maybe some other things.

Star Bear Crawls (comes complete with squats and merks at the points)
3x Wall sits with some extra
1-10 and 10-1 of merk arm step ups
Around this time it was stated “He [foosball] seemed a lot nicer in the welcome video”
Grip Training – partnered up
one partner sprinting then carrying some coupon, while the other partner does work. This wrapped up time.

Prayer Requests:
@Yaris and continued prayers for him and his marriage, safe travels for @Heidi ‘s family, and @Tiny Dancer ‘s wife’s friend.

We finished with grip strength, to make the concept of grip front of mind. Knowing that we are always in the grip of our Lord. But to always remember that we don’t always need to have a grip on things, to limit our focus of control or intention of control. Knowing that shieldlocks are a place where we can release that angst we normally build up in trying to control all aspects of our lives.
Foos out.

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