TRAPP – 6.24.21

14 Pax showed up for perfect running conditions this morning and to see the Sunrise and Strawberry Moon. Thank you @Kwame @2Buck @Veronica @Soul Glo @Winger (Bill Diebenow) @Sully @MapQuest @Bogo @Night Light @Blackout @Chowdah @Timeshare @Thin Mint
Q – @Chowdah

Warm up – solo stretching

The Thang
Run up to Sunrise Hill, through the woods, left at barn to the pavement, traverse across the grass field, say hello to Larry, up gravel hill and down gravel road to flags. Return to get six.
Two sets of strides across the field to the big stump.
Great work to all!

Saturday – Nolensville Convergence
Saturday PM – 20 mile ruck
Monday – Marine Corp PFT
Tuesday – 5k baseline

Take advantage of every day you have. Have fun, live, love, laugh!
Say YES whenever you can to your 2.0s, M, friends, volunteering. Saying YES just feels good! Watch the movie YES DAY!

Kwame and 2buck’s interviews
Soul Glo – Mom juggling family plans and his Dad’s visit and surprise Birthday.
Timeshare – All the unspoken prayers for the Pax!

God Bless and thank you men. I couldn’t imagine starting Thursday anywhere else but with you!

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