Uprising – 6.22.21

“The Birthday Q”
Pax came out for a 47 running work of art, as it is now official: YHC is old!
The moleskin was talking about how to live in the moment, be present. Don’t take pictures and think it will help you remember the event- enjoy the moment, the memory will last longer. In that spirit, let’s see if 2+ days later I can remember all the pax that showed 
@Rudolph @Three’s Company @Dead Leg @Fertile Myrtle @Chowdah @Cross-Stitch @Baby Gap @Blackout @Timeshare @2Buck @Soul Glo @mallcop QIC @Kwame

More than likely I forgot somebody, and more than likely it was @Operation , because of course I did.
Thanks for the opportunity to lead, it was a great start to my birthday
SYITG, Kwame

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