TRAPP – 6.03.21

24 HIM, including two FNGs, showed up this morning to improve their running and cardio. Welcome @Outhouse and @Roadkill to F3SH! Great meeting you today men.

Warm-o-rama = We arrived early as to hit the trail with vigor at 5:30am sharp.

The Thang = We traversed across the field and up the gravel hill, right down the gravel hill and across the open pasture and the barn for a run down the greenway to 840. Returning through the woods and up Sunrise Hill for COT. Great effort by all today. I witnessed everyone pushing themselves in either hill sprints, racing across the field, picking up the pace through the woods. Great effort and proud of you all!

Announcements = Beacon Hill tomorrow, Friday at 5:15am at Sarah Benson Park under the pavilion. No workout.

Prayer requests = @2Buck for his Mom who is going to have some tests on her heart. @Singlet for Mark's family, @Night Light for the continued recovery of his daughter and for The Lord bringing him to F3 (we love having you with us), and for all the pax who are camping and traveling this weekend; be safe and have fun!

Moleskin = When life is in a good season we (I) sometimes can get complacent, confident, and feel all is good. We can take our eye of the road. It is important to pause during this season and do a check in. A check in with God, with your M and family, and with yourself. Don't be an Amateur, but be a Professional. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a “good season” in your life, just check in, be thankful, and make sure people around you are too. This is a time where you can be of help to others. Be humble, be kind, and be a Professional. God Bless

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