Fort Pain – 6.02.21

11 PAX @Operation @Timeshare @Blue Buffalo @Night Light @Baby Gap @Olive @Underroos @Soul Surfer @Jalisco @Foosball @Hot Mic choose, despite the conditions, to show up on a WET RAINY morning stepping into the unknown to better themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.
 BACs, SSH in cadence, Willie Mase Hayes, Crowd Pleasers,  Burpees.
Thang 1: Working Toward Absolution
Area of Operation: Area between the road and the paved path going around the playground and flag pole.
4 rounds of 40 reps.  Once exercise is compete get up run road toward park entrance and take paved path to sidewalk joining paved path to the road. At this point transition from run to bear crawl following the paved path around the flag pole continuing to Bear Crawl till you get to the painted sidewalk crossing.
RD 1 – 40 Groiners – run/bear crawl the road/path plank waiting for the 6
RD 2 – 40 Up/Down Plank Pushups – run/bear crawl the road/path Al Gores with above head claps waiting on the 6
RD 3 – 40 Chilly Jacks – run/bear crawl the road/path flutter kick waiting for the 6
RD 4 – 40 Absoultion (combines the prior three movements into one complet exercise) – run/bear crawl the road/path. Pick up the 6 to finish.
5 Minutes remaining. From the paved path below the flag pole, crouching lion crawl (similar to the bear crawl but you crawl on your forearms while keeping your body elevated.
Still 2 minutes remaining. Head to playground, find a bar to dead hang from for unspecified amount of time. If you drop before time is complete 5 burpees and back up on the bar.
 -Beacon Hill THIS Friday at 5:15 PM See the following link
Prayer Request:
@Operation – Both he and him M right now are facing some challenges with their work right now, and with 2.0 being home from school for the summer it is making working from home even more difficult. Pray for wisdom and strength and that these things will not start affecting their relationship with each other.
@Underroos – Got a message from his boss that he was heading to Florida to be with his son who was put in hospice care. No details but pray for the family and the situation.
 Mole Skin:
A whetstone is an amazing tool when it is used correctly and even more so when used by someone who is skilled.
A whetstones can be found in various grits similar to sandpaper and it's purpose it to take a knife that is dull and ineffective or maybe a knife that is just not as sharp as it once was and WHET or sharpen the blade so that it is effective when it is used.
One of our rolls as men, while in many cases is looked down upon today is to whet one another, to sharpen one another so that we too will be effective.
Proverbs 27:17  Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. There are many men out in the world today that prefer to take the easy road. They want to fly under the radar, they don't want to be noticed, they are poor husbands and poor fathers. The unsharpened man is dull, lethargic, in-effective as a leader and not at all prepared for the obstacles he will face in life.
A man that is being sharpened or has been sharpened by contrast is very different. He has a mission in life to be that best that he can be and he looks for opportunities to better himself physically, mentally and spiritually.
We are not a large group here this morning but we do have men at various stages of life and various stages how they can be used.
When I was younger I met a gentleman in our church that was about 20 years older than me and as I got to know him felt that this is someone I could learn from. So I approached him about the possibility of being a “Stone” for me so that I would become a better man. And over the next couple years we developed a great relationship and still stay in touch today.
With men it is about relationship. We need relationship, I myself craved a relationship with another man that could pour into me to help me become a better person.  It was also about relationship for him where he could take his knowledge and experience and guide me and help me grow and maybe avoid some of the mistakes he made but also be there and support me when I screwed up because he understood what it is like to feel the part of the loser.
It is also about accountability and allowing someone into our lives that we can share the dark parts that we don't want anyone to know about and is not afraid to challenge our actions and behavior when it is necessary.
It helps motivate the person being sharpened to strive toward doing better and becoming the person God sees them as. When I knew that I was going to be meeting with Dennis and report to him my actions, activities, my time with God helps keep me on track to improve areas where I was falling short.
Finally it has to do with willingness to do what God calls us to. Older men to mentor the younger and younger men to learn from the older. And when we can build that trust where we know that the whetstone truly has our best interest in mind it makes it easier to listen and accept the instruction because it is coming from a place of love and wanting to see me reach my highest potential.
Hebrews 10:24-25
And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.
What kind of man are you? Are you one that needs sharpening or are you one that really has the potential to be the stone and pour into another man life? I would encourage you to give this some serious thought. F3 is about more than just bettering ourselves physically, it is to challenge as men in all areas of our life to be the best we can be. I invite you to accept the challenge.
As always, thankyou for giving me the opportunity to serve you this morning.
Hot Mic Out

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