Ragland Bottom DR AO – 6.05.21

Pax: @Cross-Stitch, @Rudolph, @Heidi, @Three’s Company, @Operation, @Kwame, @Hot Mic, @2Buck, @Cosmo (YHC)
Q: @Cosmo

PAX moseyed to a nice steep hill and decided to honor the Rangers who scaled Pointe du Hoc in France on D-Day with politicians halfway up and then bear crawling the real steep second half. Then mosey back to the hill by our campsite.

Box of Pain Meets D-Day
PAX honored the 77th Anniversary of D-Day with some Box of Pain action. Each card had a mode of transportation and an exercise. PAX would do 77 reps of exercise together and then transport together.
1) Overhead Presses – Frog Jumps
2) Burpees – Sprint
3) Mtn Climbers – Lunge Walks
3) Daily Double (Merkins – Sprints) = PAX failed their trivia question so did 154 Merkins and two hill sprints. PAX redeemed themselves with a second trivia question so dropped Merkins back to 77 but failed the third trivia question so stuck with two hill sprints.
4) Merkins – Skanks
5) Jump Squats – Politicians
10 Minutes of 77 Rep Mary

YHC can’t remember right now, but we did 5 exercises, including a grueling 77 rep 4-count American Hammers from @Operation.

Hike later today.

Prayer Requests
Safe travels to inbound PAX.

Will share later, but covered D-Day and was similar to my VQ moleskin last year on D-Day Anniversary at Armory.
SYITG, Cosmo.

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