The TRAPP – 7.02.2020

4 pax got better this morning at the TRAPP:
@Three’s Company
We did a traditional TRAPP run all the way to independence, covered 4.9, but because of the Pain Medley up the hill on the way back @NippleNomad credited us with the well deserved 5.0

Cot: July 11 warpath
Aug 1 crucible

PR: nomad’s sister’s father in law as he battles brain cancer, safe travels for everyone for the holiday, @Aladdin ‘s recovery from his surgery.

Gents, we talked about it this morning. Be present in your life, take time to soak in all that God has provided for you. And be thankful for the ability, the will, and the drive to be a part of everything F3 stands for. Fitness. Fellowship. Faith.

SYITG, Kwame

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