The TRAPP – 6.25.2020

11 men experienced a beautiful morning on Thursday, 6/25 at The TRAPP. @Operation @Bogo @Kwame @Joey Freshwater @Sully @Three’s Company @Tiny Dancer @Foosball    FNG @NippleNomad QiC Pancreas, and…is that Fabio in the distance??? No, it’s… @Aladdin!!!
We started with 3 lengths of Bogo Strides across the grass area, then some SSH, squats, and WMH before attacking the initial slope to The Top of The World for the view that makes getting up early worth it.
Next we ran the trail through the woods, by the barn, and then back around to the gravel hill. There YHC opened up the BOX OF PAIN that I had brought along so those who missed the first appearance at Fort Pain could experience the joy that lies within. We did two trips up the gravel hill:
Trip 1
Group 1: Politician
Group 2: Flutter Kicks
When group 1 finished the Politician up the hill, they started FK’s at the top. Group 2 finished the FK’s and then did their best Politician up the hill. Then we all descended the hill together.
Trip 2
Group 1: 50/50 John Woodens
Group 2: Round the Clock Supermans
Once everyone was at the top of the gravel hill, we ran the Stairway to Heaven up the hill toward the water tower. We went as far as the gate allowed us, but it was plenty of vertical. 
We ran the road back to the grass field and sprinted the final distance across the grass to the finish line at the parking lot. @Tiny Dancer’s lungs were expanded. Welcome to the F3SH Cross Country team!
We learned a lot about our FNG @NippleNomad! Glad to have you there, and kudos to you for joining us after only meeting us the week before!
Warpath is July 11.
Crucible is August 1. 5:00am, starting at Longview Elementary.

Fred battle with COVID.
@Kwame’s M’s Grandpa Gordon’s health.
Various M’s health issues.
@Aladdin’s ongoing tests/certification for real estate.
Traveling mercies for many traveling right now.
Healing for our nation, from COVID and racial tensions.

It was great to have such a large group to experience the beauty of #the-trapp and to push each other. Grateful to be on this journey together as the Lord continues to sharpen us all! SYITG!

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