Independence Day at Armory – 7.04.2020

Conditions: perfect and humid
Thang 1: @Operation @Pancreas @Hot N Ready YHC
Thang 2: all of the above, @Cosmo @Heidi @peewee
Thang 1:
YHC ran a red light and sped into Armory at 0459 to find only @Operation in attendance. We set up the flags and got started a couple minutes late.
Mosey to flag pole. We passed a runner along the way, and I attempted a flying EH. He declined and said he was already done…at 5am 
Warmorama: a couple minutes of stretching, Merkins, and squats
76 burpees in sets of 10
Sharknado – 13 reps of each exercise, mosey around the playground, bear crawl the remaining 25 yards
Jump squats
Clap merkins
3 rounds, during which @Hot N Ready and @Pancreas joined the party
Parking lot circuit  – 30 yards of broad jump, 25 yards of crawl bear, 100 m shuttle run
3 rounds. We finished at about 5:50 then hydrated for Thang 2.
Thang 2
Mosey to flag pole. PAX slogged through the entire creek along the way.
a few minutes of stretching, including 3 good mornings while reflecting upon religious freedom
76 SSH in cadence
10 merkins
10 squats
76 burpees and 76 merkins
split up in sets of 10 burpees and 10 merkins
Soundtrack: Right Hand Man from Hamilton :muscle:
Some Jeremy who would eventually be dubbed Eurotrip rode his bike along Miles Johnson Pkwy. PAX invited him to workout, and he immediately dropped his bike and joined us with about 3 sets to go. Welcome, Eurotrip!!! So motivating!
 Leg burnout – 3 rounds
– 25 air squats
– 26 iron mikes
– 25 squat jumps
10 merkins in the creek after each round 
Modified Blackjack – Merkins and WW1’s
Started at 20 Merkins and 11 WW1’s and worked our way to 13 and 18
Indigenous Peoples Run for the remaining 7 minutes. No man left behind!
warpath: July 11
Crucible: August 1
@Pancreas and accountability
Owner of Deer Run
@Lone Star and family
Our marriages
Our country
@Cosmo had some incredible words about the 4th and what it means to him. We don’t live in a perfect country, but it’s still great, and we will continue to strive to make it great.
“What man is a man who does not make the world better” – Kingdom of Heaven
Be a builder, not a destroyer.
We are either getting better or getting worse at any given time. Complacency is the enemy.
Thank you for putting up with me during all my Q’s this week. As I type this I feel like I can barely walk. This holiday and this nation means a lot to me, and I wanted to share my passion with the PAX, especially during this difficult time. Now more than ever, we need to unify and continue work to make this country better for all…beginning in our homes and workplaces.
Happy 4th. TD out.

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