The Trapp – 2.10.22

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“Bungle in the Jungle”
Disclaimer. Kinda sort of. I tried:
F3 is open to men young and old in this town for service in a rotating fashion. Don’t pick up a man where you found him but don’t leave him there either. Run and workout at your own pace, modify as needed. I’m not a professional (obviously). No FNGs today (maybe a good thing for once).
Warm O Rama:
35 SSHs in cadence. Yes, an odd number.
Willie Mays Hays to the right, to the left.
Michael Phelps OYO. At a running AO.
Run around the park, however and wherever you want. Be back in 45.
MOLESKIN – Apple phone busted out at the park so lost my notes (and disclaimer ha) but here’s the jist:
As men we don’t like to lose (which is fine because winning is better). Loss by way of surrender, forfeiture etc. is, however, a real kick to the bits and crushes spirits.
The word surrender is also often used to describe the handing over of our lives to Christ. Don’t let pride get in the way of handing over our cares to Him as believers. More importantly, don’t let pride stand in the way of handing over your life to Christ if you haven’t done so already. Jesus suffered the worst form of human death in our stead and his love for us trumps anything we can do as men to be seen as winners.
Prayer Requests:
Blackout – Friend has very strained relationship with his father who very sick. Prayers for reconciliation.
Toe Jam – 1) New position at work. Prayers that he can delegate to co-workers dumping work on him and reduce stress levels. Pray that work does not impede peaceful family life. 2) Poor relationship with his brother. Prayers for reconciliation and that his parents don’t meddle. 3) Toe Jam’s friend nearly committed suicide. I’m therapy now and doing somewhat better. Pray for ministry to him/recovery.
See ya suckers.

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