Proving Grounds – 2.10.22

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Intro and Disclaimer:
F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.
The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.
I am not a professional. Exercise at your own risk and modify if necessary to avoid injury but not to avoid work.
5 Core Principles of F3 workouts:
-Free of charge
-Open to all men
-Held outdoors. Rain or shine, heat or cold
-Peer led in a rotating fashion
-Always end in a Circle of Trust
The F3 Credo is: “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.”
Misc Stretches
The Tabata Bread Shall Rise
Tabata Style Rotation
2:30 min AMRAP
45 sec Rest
Rotate Movements after each round
Set 1:
Sandbag Row
Coupon Jumps
Coupon Kettle Swings
Decline Merkins from Curb
Coupon Curls
Air Squats
Set 2:
Sandbag Toss
Coupon Thruster
Low Plank over Coupon
Big Boy Sit Ups
One leg Coupon Balance Air Press
Suicide Gassers
Check slack announcements channel
Franklin Convergence
Cannonball Run
GrowRuck training, check Franklin Slack for more details
Prayer Requests:
@Soul Glo mom with Covid and family recovery
@MapQuest family and M
@2nd F Kwame travel mercies
Authenticity is something we as men need to strive for daily, weekly, always. In the effort to be men of God, distilling through the influences of the world and consciously deciding to deal head on with our Jesters is of the utmost importance. Today’s beatdown was designed to remind us that being authentic men requires that we do hard work that we really don’t want to do, repetitively, with periods of rest and reflection, then on to more work. Without this sacrifice of work and effort, we will not be able to shake free of the habits, hurts, or hang-ups that are holding back our Acceleration.
In my own personal journey into authenticity through sobriety, I have encountered the brutal reality that I have largely lived an inauthentic life. I am prone to being the big show, the center of attention, all façade and not much follow through. I have reached a point of exhaustion with keeping up this outward-facing, surface lifestyle. Difficult as it is, I have committed myself to a renewed mantra that is found in the F3 Lexicon – EQV. It stands for Esse Quam Videri, Latin for “to be and not to seem.” The first time I encountered this phrase, I was intrigued. Now it rocks me to the core. I am a different man because of this notion.
We are created in the image of God. It is our responsibility to honor Him as we endeavor to do as Shakespeare said “to thine own self be true.” While he was not by most accounts a man of God, we are, and we can still take this advice to heart. As long as we are framing our true selves through the lens of the Lord and seeking live an authentic life rooted in the strength of the Father, Son and Spirit, we can accomplish truly great things.
I am beyond grateful to be in the presence of such inspiration and hard working HIM. Thank you for the pleasure of leading.
@O’Douls out

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