The TRAPP – 12.10.2020

“The one Dizzie Almost Boycotted”
6 braved Fort GraviTRAPP this morning in an epic, random trek of a run. We popped 3 cherries  this morning!!! (Graviton cherries that is)
@2Buck @Pancreas @Dizzy Gillespie @Three’s Company @Joey Freshwater and YHC
It had been discussed a couple times previously about the desire to head towards gravitron for a TRAPP in the past, so when the Q opened up and @Three’s Company suggested it, we last minute pivoted from normal TRAPP route up sunrise hill. To say that @Dizzy Gillespie wasn’t thrilled about it would be an understatement…
But we pressed on and he endured…past the Fort Pain gathering, past @Peewee ‘s Playhouse into the woods to the top of Gravitron. We ran through the woods following @Pancreas (brilliant call not giving away the full shock and awe of Gravitron in the process). Three newbs (@2Buck @Dizzy Gillespie @Three’s Company ) got indoctrinated into Gravitron and all embraced and were humbled by the challenge. We did #morecore while we waited on the six: LBCs, JLos, Mountain climbers, windshield wipers.
We headed back to Preservation Park and had just enough time to run up sunrise hill for a beautiful sunrise.
COT up on the top today-
 – tomorrow @Rudolph on the #fortificationfriday Q, F3 Town Hall meeting at @Sully ‘s crib @ 7pm until 9ish?
 – @Joey Freshwater took us out today (thank you brother!) with prayers for: Kwame’s in laws, who both have Covid-19, Joeys eldest son to find himself, Three’s colonoscopy tomorrow, ???
Gents, it was fun and entertaining and unique today, felt nice to COT at the top of Sunrise hill and then be able to fellowship walk/mosey back to the parking lot. Glad we left the confines, if only for a day! Good work and


Kwame out

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