Fortification Friday – 12.11.2020

5 HIMs left #fortificationfriday feeling stronger this morning. @Joey Freshwater, @Operation, @Cosmo, @Kwame, and YHC.
Neck rolls
Good mornings
Cherry pickers
Imperial walkers IC
Squats IC
Little baby arm circles
Buy-in (#cooldownday)
100 Burpees or 200 merkins
90 second sets AMRAP while holding a coupon
2x set overhead skullcrushers
2x set overhead hold
1x set straight arm hold
1x set curls
2x set american hammers
2x set v-ups
1x set incline toe touches
1x set low plank hold
2x set al gores
2x set alabama prom dates
1x set lunges
1x set calve raises
60 second sets AMRAP while holding a coupon
2x set dead lift rows
2x set squat to overhead press walkers
2x set calve raises w/overhead hold
2x set flutter kicks w/floor press
2nd F event at Sully’s tonight. BYO chair, food, firewood.
@Tiny Dancer has Q at tomorrow’s armory. Multiple FNG’s possible.
Prayer Requests
@Kwame’s in-laws recovering from COVID.
@Three’s Company’s sister in-law, health issues.
@Cosmo’s father battling stomach issues.
Psalm 5:3 – “In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.”
Each day, as we rise and present our desires to the Lord, we have the opportunity to wait and anticipate his answer. Not with entitlement, but with open hands and trust!

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