The TRAPP – 11.19.2020

8 HIM went out this morning for a “training run” to prep for turkeypath.

@Heidi @Lone Star @Chowdah @ragdoll @Dizzy Gillespie @Kwame @Joey Freshwater and YHC

It all started when we all got stuck waiting for a train that blocked us from the parking lot. I knew something was up when I rolled up to the tracks 7-8 minutes before start time and there was a line of cars with goofy looking men in workout clothes standing around talking. The train started to move and stopped again a few times, faking us all out. Finally it was 530 and the train was still there, so we modified as necessary and started the TRAPP at Circa!

Cherry pickers
Light stretching

Mosey a few laps in the parking lot, then sprint repeats for probably 5 minutes. At this point the train finally moved so we did a mosey over to the TRAPP parking lot and up the hill.

Top of the hill
We knew @Kwame was coming, he had confirmed on slack he was running late, but he wasn’t there yet. So at the top of the hill we did a summoning ceremony where we all did back-clap SSH. Lo and behold, @Kwame himself burst forth from the trees to run with us! A Christmas miracle!

As a group we ran down and through the woods and to the barn. At the barn we did more sprint repeats until the 6 came in. From there we did an American heritage run, through the “Gabriel Jesus” strava segment, and all the way back to the cars. The 6 would stop and do squats and then sprint to the front.

3.92 miles on my Garmin


Turkeypath is next week!

@Chowdah wife and daughter sick
@Kwame family trip
All of us with zoom calls and kids and the chaos there

@Heidi with some hard conversations at work
Men, this morning was a great reminder that we have to adapt. I had a completely different plan for this morning, but life isn’t neat and tidy. It’s not always like you expect. Remember that as you go into your day and look for areas that need someone to step in and say “we clearly need to do something different here.”

@Bogo out

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