Fortification Friday Burpee Bonanza – 11.20.2020

@2Buck @Cosmo @Pancreas @Three’s Company @Foosball @Kwame @Rudolph (respect) YHC
Hammy stretches
12 SSH
12 Merkins
12 squats
Calf and Achilles stretches
12 mountain climbers
Buy in while waiting for @Cosmo to get out of his car: 1 minute of coupon front kettlebell swings (AMRAP)
Thang –
EMOM – 5 burpees followed by as many reps of the assigned exercise as possible until the next minute begins. We did 5 rounds per exercise until moving on to the next. Here were the exercises:
coupon thrusters
coupon flutter kicks
Coupon curls
Freddie Merks
Coupon skull crushers
Coupon front squats
Overhead coupon holds
Buyout: 100 merkins
Turkey path coming up!
Looking like 12/11 for the End of Year 2nd F. Details to follow.
traveling mercies for @Kwame and his family
All those suffering with Covid
we stress the mental and spiritual reasons that we love F3, but thinking of St. Joseph recently compelled me to stress the physical reasons. In studying his story, we see that he walked Our Lady, who was expecting all the way from Nazareth to Bethlehem, protecting her along the way. Importantly, when he was warned in a dream of Herod’s plans to hunt and kill the baby Jesus, he led them in the escape to Egypt, where they lived for at least 3 years. Afterwards, he stewarded them back to Nazareth, which was at least a 105-mile trek.
We are men. Like St. Joseph, we are protectors who must be obedient to God and willing and able to put the needs of our families first at all costs. Let’s always endeavor to remain capable to do what is necessary to protect our families, because when the chips are down, your family will look to you…and I want to be ready both mentally and physically.

For illustration, check this out. Such a tragedy, but an example of what being a parent in God’s image is all about.

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