The Armory – 9.12.2020

11 HIM showed up to get stronger this morning at #the-armory. Conditions were perfect.
@Lone Star, @Timeshare, @Bogo, @Dizzy Gillespie, @Rudolph, @Kwame, @Pancreas, @Joey Freshwater, @Heidi, @Peewee, and YHC.

5 good mornings
1 cherry picker (still feeling this in my hammies)
WMH to right and to left
Runners stretch
15 forward arm circles IC
15 reverse arm circles IC
20 squats
20 merkins
Thang 1
Mosey to grass beside pavilion
Great American 11 (borrowed from @ragdoll and modified)
10 rounds (of 11 reps each round when you combine the 1st and 3rd exercises below):
1. 10 burpees decrease by 1 each round
2. Long jump 25 yds
3. 1 Big boy sit up: increase by 1 each round
4. Mosey back 25 yds to burpee station
Thang 2
Playground – Murphish format with modified run
1.  5 pull-ups
2.  10 Merkins
3.  15 squats
4.  1 full big boy lap around the park. Cones were spread about 20 yds apart around the whole lap. Green cone = sprint, orange cone = mosey. Probably about ten sprints in each lap.

AMRAP for 20 minutes (everyone did about 3 full rounds unless your name was @Pancreas)
4th quarter game (at the flagpole)
“Dice of Destiny” (@Three’s Company original)
Each PAX member was handed an index card with a different exercise on it and circled up around the flagpole. Going around in order, each read their index card out to the group, then had to roll an inflatable die (dice) and everyone had to do the exercise they called out multiplied by the die roll.  Here are the results (or my best recollection of the results)
1.  5 X die roll of 4 = 20 burpees
2. 10 X die roll of 3 = 30 four count American hammers
3. 10 X die roll of 2 = 20 jump squats
4. 1/4 X die roll of 3 = 3/4 lap bear crawl around flag pole (PERFECT TIMING – The Threes Company theme song came on my playlist right when we all started crawling: “come and knock on our door…”)
5. 10 X die roll of 6 = 60 four count Moroccan Night clubs
6. 1 X die roll of 2 = 2 laps around the flag pole
7. 10 X die roll of 3 = 30 four count LBCs
8. 10 X die roll of 1 = 10 No Surrenders
9. 5 X die roll of 5 = 25 burpees
10. 10 X die roll of 4 = 40 four count SSH
Mosey back to parking lot.
Since we all knew each other, we decided to honor an F3 guy from SC that passed away from cancer (@Heidi recommendation) by saying “Jay Griggs, 52, Cash” instead of our own info.
24 hour marathon will start on November 13th and will possibly finish at @ragdoll’s house on the 14th with a cookout. More details to follow.
@Kwame expressed some frustration that nobody showed up for the pre workout…we all nodded and tried to fake some genuine concern.

Prayer requests:
@Pancreas friend going through divorce. Pray for the family and pray that he has the right words of encouragement
@Heidi – family that lives near him had a child that was pulled out of school and his dad went to jail for something really sick. Prayers for that family and all involved.
@Peewee. Everyone affected by the ongoing wild fires out west. He has family there.

“Bearing fruit”. Bearing fruit means yielding results. We work out hard and show up to these stupid early morning workouts to get results. Whether it’s to lose weight, get stronger, or just earn your donuts for the day, the “fruit” is what’s yielded from your actions.
Jesus says in Matthew 7 that you will recognize people by their fruits. I was encouraged recently by going back over the 9 fruits of the spirit that Paul gave us in Galatians 5:
Self Control
If you are a Christian, that’s a good list to be mindful of in our actions with everything going on in the world and in our country right now. I’m encouraged because I see so much of these “fruits” in you guys and I’m thankful I stumbled across you idiots. If you want to, pick one from the list above that you might be struggling with and focus on it this week.

Honored to lead this morning.  Hope you can’t get that song out your head all day!!  “…see what’s waiting for yooouu…”

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