The Armory – 1.23.21

19 HIM showed up and pushed back the gloom this morning and were able to partake in Dizzy’s Total Body Beatdown. Stag, @Pre-K @odouls @Timeshare @Operation @Ron Swanson @Peewee @Fertile Myrtle @Lone Star @Pancreas @maryann @Joey Freshwater @2Buck FNG Speedbump @Heidi @Kwame @Three’s Company and QIC @Dizzy Gillespie
We started with an amazing Warm-o-Rama
Cobra Kai’s
High Knees
Butt kickers
Low slow squats IC
Hillbilly Walkers IC (I did the wrong exercise so we followed up with-
Imperial Walkers IC
Good Mornings
Mosey around the park for Thang One
10 big boy situp’s bear crawl for 1 calf raise done three ways
Mosey back continue until pax is finished (I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed the bear crawl and @Three’s Company was extremely thankful for the mosey back)
HIM skip to Thang 2
(Dizzy’s Mystery board inspired by the @Joey Freshwater)
10 reps of jump squats, clap merkin, long leg Freddy Mercury
Mosey to bridge and back
20 reps of tuck jump, diamond merkins, V-up
30 reps of Iron Mikes, bicep merkin, extended flutter kicks (arms over head)
40 reps of Surrenders (@Lone Star was particularly upset that there were so many and that I didn’t write “no” surrenders on the board. For some reason the PAX wanted to give up after 40 of them tho…) dips, American hammers
Mosey (@Operation tried to enlist FNG Speedbump to mosey for him)
50 reps of air squats, Carolina dry-docks, lbc
60 reps of side lunge, up downs, side reaches
We skipped most of the last set due to time and substituted with 5 burpees and a mosey back to the parking lot to meet up with the Ruckers for COT
@Heidi threatened that Canon Ball Run is coming
Prayer Requests
@Chowdah’s mom home from hospital
@Heidi’s M’s recovery
@Kwame knows a PAX in NC who lost his wife to a heart attack. Pray for F3 Tick Tock
Continued prayers for @Ron Swanson’s M and @Tiny Dancer’s case
From a letter by John Newton to one of his parishioners
“Therefore we are required not only to resist the world the flesh and the devil but likewise to bear one another’s burdens: which plainly intimates there will be something borne with on all hands; and happy indeed is he that is not offended”
When we share a physical burden with a brother there is a literal weight of the soul that is transferred from one to another. We partake with each other and transfer both burdens and hope as we walk through life together, sharing and unburdening our hearts with one another. Don’t isolate yourself in the darkness and wallow in self pity but cast aside pride by sharing griefs and pain with one another.

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