The Ridge – 1.23.21


The Ridge

The Ridge – 04 “Do you have the butt of an 80 year old?”
PAX: @Tiny Dancer, @Bogo, Scout, and YHC
QIC: @Cosmo
Conditions: Temps in the high 20s and felt like it. Minimal wind and zero precipitation.
Welcome Party
Disclaimer and welcome! Now let’s ruck!

Evolution 1 – Exploring the Northwest Passage
Legend has it that a Northwest Passage exists between The Ridge and Uprising. No chump has braved this territory but today, in the spirit of the great explorers John Cabot and Henry Hudson, the Ridge Roughnecks were going for it.
PAX set off into the gloom and made a BIG loop to hit Uprising and MurphMonday AOs before making the final leg up 31 to Armory. With time left on the clock, PAX made another journey into The Ridge for a bonus mile before getting back to Armory with 10 mins to spare. Mumble chatter was :100:, including the deep dive into fast food restaurants, customer service, why companies don’t innovate, the judicial system, GoRuck events, potential GrowRuck event for our area, how awesome Montgomery Bell State Park is and how we should do a big PAX weekend there, and why running with your ruck for distance isn’t a great idea for your mid-life crisis knees.

Mileage: 5 Miles :boom:
Time: 1 hour 20 minutes :boom:
Pace: :fire:

Evolution 2 – Ruck Mary
Each exercise for 60 seconds AMRAP, with ruck!
Flutter kicks
Overhead Press Hold
Ruck swings

Amidst this, YHC laid down some serious suppressing fire which summoned the title quote from @Tiny Dancer and forced YHC to catch his breath from laughing.

It takes a lot to explore something new. Today we explored a new route, but everyday we have opportunities to explore. Sometimes that’s new territory, sometimes it’s new skills, and sometimes it’s an entirely new career.

A key piece of exploring (and dovetailing nicely with the mumble chatter from @Bogo) is embracing what you can do if you cannot fail. Hernando Cortez infamously burned his ships when he reached the New World. This instilled a sense of no turning back and only looking forward.

So burn your ships. Sometimes they are material things keeping us from moving forward with God and sometimes they’re fears. Regardless, look forward and keep exploring.

SYITG, Cosmo

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