Muscle Beach – 1.22.21

10 men dove head first into their Friday’s by glooming it up at the beach.
@Cosmo @Joey Freshwater @Kwame @Fertile Myrtle @Dipstick @Tiny Dancer @Lone Star @Rudolph @odouls and YHC
Today marks the 308th day of the 28th year of Mortal Kombat being released. Let’s get to it.
ssh, lunges, squats, merks, HR merks for the late attendees, other things that stretch and warm you up.
Ciabatta Sprints
Sprint 20, gasp for 10, 4 minutes worth
[partner up, each round has 2 exercises, do one for 1:30 then switch, count TOTAL reps and duke it out with you partner, winners do something that sucks and loser does something that sucks]
Rd1 – Fight
ex1: thrusters and ex2: Squat jumps (switch)
Winners: shoulder taps Losers: sprint to bottom of hill
Rd2 – Fight
ex1: overhead squats and ex2: burpees (switch)
Winners: bottom of hills Losers: weighted surrenders
Rd3 – Fight
ex1: squat curls and ex2: weighted big boy sit up (switch)
Winners: tuck jumps and Losers: 50mtn Climbers
Rd4 – Fight
ex1: deadlifts and ex2: rows (switch)
Winners: 10 pull ups and Losers: American hammers
Rd5 – Fight
ex1: swings and ex2: shoulder press (switch)
Winners: 20 HR merks and Losers: tuck jumps
Rd6: Fight
-ex:1 (same as round 1)
winners: shoulder taps and losers: bear crawls
Captain Thor’s (1-4 ration of sit up to American hammers. Up to 10-40)
dizzy on q at armory and cosmo at the ridge
Prayer requests:
@Tiny Dancer and starting the case of Josh Rowe’s case. Praying for balance of perception and for Josh’s family to provide the same level of forgiveness Josh has
Continued prayers for @Chowdah ‘s mother. Optimistic because she must be tough as nails to have raised this HIM
@Peewee ‘s cousin who has to have an emergency c section. Baby born at 2lbs. Momma is home and baby is in nicu. All signs point to positive outcomes and road forward.
Unspoken Prayer: @Dipstick has a second round of interview with the car company Rivian which runs on witch craft.
God has granted the Holy Spirit to accompany us (John 15: 26-27)
It comes to us to partner with the Spirit. To allow it to do its work. Whether it be in reading scripture, to work, to patience in areas of out life. It’s already there, just allow it to do its work.
Holy Spirit Prayer;
“Holy Spirit, I believe you dwell in me, and I believe I’m your miraculous power. Please change my heart. Break it for what breaks yours. Help me to love the people I work with well. Help them to see Jesus I’m my words and actions – even when I feel like I am failing them badly. Help me to see the needs of others around me and the desire to do something about it. I can’t do this without your power working within me. Give me energy when I don’t have it and courage to take bold action when I am afraid. In Jesus name, amen.

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