TD’s Birthday Q – 3.25.2020

PAX: @Operation @Cosmo @Heidi @Tiny Dancer (YHC)

Preparty: YHC completed 40 pull-ups

34 SSH’s
34 jump clap squats@Operation rolled in late, but late is always better than never!

100 merkins
.25 mile
75 merkins
0.50 mile
50 burpees
0.75 mile
25 burpees
1 mile
OYO Mary:Straight through:
34 iron mikes (each leg is one)
34 WW1’s
34 Freddie mercuries (each leg is 0.5)

Soundtrack: Going the Distance by Bill Conti (ON LOOP!):muscle::tiger2::us:Time expired just before YHC could get to the 34 merkins noted in the preview.

Great effort by all!!!
3 for socially-distanced coffeteria outside of the nearby gas station.

PAX agreed that we need to step up our social media game. Specifically, we need to start taking and posting some kind of picture at every beat down once we start getting some light at the end of our beatdowns.

Corona virus
@Ron Swanson’s M

Moleskin: this has been the best year of my life spiritually and physically, due in large part to F3. 34 feels weird, but I’m excited for what the future holds for me and this group.

Since we have a lot to pray for these days, in honor of my birthday, here’s Amazing Grace in Cajun French :muscle::fleur_de_lis:

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