Black Ops AO – Runnin and Bodybuildin – 3.27.2020

PAX: @Heidi @Ron Swanson @Lone Star @Operation @Tiny Dancer (QIC) (30# ruck)
4 PAX started out on a 3.17 mile run at a pleasantly later launch time of 6am from 55 South; however, @Operation still managed to show up 1 min late. After circling back to scoop him up, we completed the following in the best weather of 2020 to date:
Phase 1:
3.17 mile run – all PAX stayed together and completed the run in under 31 min!
Phase 2:
31 of each in the parking lot of 55 South:
Flutter kicks (4ct)
Alternating shoulder taps
Lunges (2ct)
8 count bodybuilders
  • @Heidi and @Lone Star are ramping up social media presence. Be active on your neighborhood FB pages!
  • Fort Pain launch time is being moved to 6am until this pandemic is over.
  • @Ron Swanson’s M
  • COVID-19
  • we put on a little show for Daily Dental staff; I left a business card on the door of the dentist’s Mercedes. We’ll see.
Strong work this AM, gents! Hope more of you will come out of your caves soon. Looking forward to @Heidi’s Q tomorrow at Armory!
TD out

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