Black Ops AO – Sully Compound – 3.23.2020

It was a dark and scary night so @Heidi @Tiny Dancer @Sully joined in for a pop up, socially distanced AO. The rain stopped just as we got going so it was less scary than once thought.

Mosey to the bridge for some:
Forward arm circles
Reverse arm circles
Good mornings
Hamstring Stretch
Runners Stretch

Mosey to the treehouse trail for some shopping.
Despite the dark scariness it was pick your coupon day. Everyone got to pick from a wide selection of nearly identical fresh cut ash logs.

Tree House trailer trash with coupon:
Despite the fact that @Sully needs cadence work:
Arm curls
Skull crushers
Overhead chest press
@Sully dropped his coupon so we got free incline merkins on our coupons
Upright rows

Discard coupons and mosey to the retaining wall.

Step ups

Mosey to the bridge and back to the T for a bit of hillside beat down and back up and back down and back up and back down etc.

Jacob’s Latter

On a dimly lateen lit gravel hill:
Run up hill – 3 burpees -mosey down
Bear crawl up hill – 4 burpees – mosey down
Politician up hill – 5 burpees – mosey down
Imperial walkers up the hill – 6 burpees – mosey down
Politician up the hill – 7 burpees – mosey down
Bear crawl up the hill – 8 burpees – mosey down
Run up hill – 9 burpees – mosey down

Mosey to bridge and back to retaining wall.

60 second wall sit
Good mornings
Diamond pushups

COT from appropriate distance

Prayer requests

All things related to health, virus and how that is affecting our world.

Hopefully my VQ was acceptable.


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